About Us

The Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Association, ChEGSA, is dedicated to improving the life of chemical engineering students at CMU. As an entirely student-run organization, we provide social activities for our members and sponsor events that encourage both physical and mental exercises.

ChEGSA Group Photo
Pictured (from left to right):
Back: Qin Gu, Charles Sharkey, Andrew Fox, Chris Hanselman, Qi Chen, and Nick Golio
Front: Bowen Huo, Burcu Karagoz, Yun-Ru Huang, Ben Sauk, Marissa Engle, Natalie Isenberg, Kathy Fein, and Olga Vinogradova
Not Pictured: Brad Johnson and Kyle Cochran

ChEGSA is also responsible for the annual ChEGSA Symposium. The ChEGSA Symposium is a two-day event where our graduate students are given the opportunity to give presentations and share their ongoing research with the entire department as well as industrial guests.