About Us

The Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Association, ChEGSA, is dedicated to improving the life of chemical engineering students at CMU. As an entirely student-run organization, we provide social activities for our members and sponsor events that encourage both physical and mental exercises.

ChEGSA is also responsible for the annual ChEGSA Symposium. The ChEGSA Symposium is a two-day event where our graduate students are given the opportunity to give presentations and share their ongoing research with the entire department as well as industrial guests.

2024 ChEGSA Officers
President: Nick Hattrup
Vice President: Arsh Bhatia
Symposium Chairs: Maryam Ali, Jason Yao, Carolina Colombo Tedesco
GSA Representatives: Catalina Montoya Carvajal, Mayra Guadalupe Gonzalez Ramirez, Tirtha Vinchurkar
DEI Chairs: Cheick Dosso, Megan Walsh
Webmaster: Daniel Pert
Outreach Coordinators: Norman Tran, Chris Laliwala, Huda Usman
Social Chairs: Bashar Ammari, Emerson Uhlig, Ali Stinchfield, Ali Asger, Katherine Pierre-Louis, Samantha Yang